Case Study

Nichols College

Dudley, MA
School Size:
1,200 Undergraduates
Program Type:
Undergraduate Business
Students Served:
Undergraduate and Graduate
Why Nichols Chose uConnect
A small staff, in need of marketing support

With a staff of four full-time and three student workers and lacking a full-time marketing professional, the Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC) recognized the need to make their workflow more efficient when promoting events, jobs, and resources to their students. The staff at the CPDC wanted to raise the profile of their office despite their limited resources, with the goal to make their resources a bigger part of the overall student experience. Doing everything without a dedicated marketer had left the CPDC staff time-challenged, juggling multiple student lists, and challenged when attempting to connect their students with the right information at the right time.

The Solution
Targeted marketing tools that save time

The uConnect platform is designed to help colleges and universities integrate career services into every aspect of the student journey.

In January of 2016, Nichols launched with uConnect with the full ability to segment students based on their interests, and to provide them with resources as their interests change throughout their undergraduate life. In particular, Nichols began to leverage uConnect’s automatic and custom email alerts, allowing the CPDC to send students content tailored to their academic and professional interests. Nichols also began to promote featured jobs and schedule social media using the respective uConnect modules to meet the department’s varied day-to-day and week-to-week needs.

“Before we had uConnect, I was setting up schedules for social media and email pushes to our students. Now I let the site do the bulk of that work for me.”

Jenna Parker

Recruitment and Marketing Coordinator of CPDC
Nichols College
Streamlined workflow, increased student engagement

The uConnect platform has saved valuable time for the CPDC’s staff. The platform has reportedly eliminated 12 hours of work per month on the office’s monthly newsletters to the different students and faculty within each area of study. One staff member attends to the newsletter and makes the required updates once per month. In addition, Jenna Parker, Recruitment and Marketing Coordinator at the CPDC, tells us that the team has received “great feedback” on the look of the emails sent via automated email alerts. Referring to the workflow that uConnect has enabled, Jenna says, “We are updating and changing practices as we need to, and uConnect makes it very seamless as these changes occur.”

From a usage standpoint, the CPDC website had 32,000 visits from January-May 2017, a 213% increase from their visits during the same period in 2016. Over 1,500 people subscribe to monthly CPDC emails (the College has a population of 1200) and about 950 are subscribed to emails that are targeted to their specific major and/or career area of interest.


  - Time savings for staff

  - Streamlined communication to students and alumni

  - Successful marketing activities resulting in increased student engagement

Since launching with uConnect, Nichols has saved an average of 3 hours of weekly staff time and doubled viewership of online resources

"99% of students said they needed career services right now."
Handshake, April 2020

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