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Founder David Kozhuk

Founder David Kozhuk

“ The most rewarding part of starting uConnect has been building a team and working together to deliver far greater results than those we could've ever achieved individually.”

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Founder and Team Captain


Marketing Maven


System Designer, Coder, Thinker


Partnership Experience Manager


Internal Operations and Special Agentry


Technical Architect


Creative Client Communications


Senior Engineer and Keyboard Monkey


Onboarding Lead


Client Success Lead


Task Crusher and Ultimate Team Enthusiast

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Our mission is to help colleges and universities align the pursuit of higher education to meaningful career pathways and professional outcomes.

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Hey college students

Come launch your career by building tools to support the career planning and education for fellow students everywhere.

As you can imagine, we believe in the power of hiring college students and helping leverage the important skills learned in the classroom to create meaningful impact in the professional world. Perhaps even more important, showing them that launching their careers can be as fun and rewarding as the daily glory that is college life. Or close at least.

“Going into to work my first day, I had no idea what to expect. Coming out three months later, I honestly feel very differently about the career path I want to take in life. I have grown in multiple areas, learning a lot about start ups, teamwork, coding and other technical skills. Each day, I learned something new, and each day I felt so happy to contribute to a company I genuinely believe in.”

“I’ve been with uConnect for over a year now. Watching the company change has been illuminating and exciting, and having the opportunity for my own responsibilities to evolve has been an extraordinary advantage.”

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